Eye Tracking for Natural Language Processing

January, 2014

Area: Probability Theory, Machine Learning   Technology: C++, Python, Matlab, Eye Tracker

Eye Tracking for Natural Language Processing: Human Eye Movements patterns have been studied by psycholinguistics and computer linguistics to understand the cognitive aspects of natural language processing. For this, they often record the eye movements and find common trends that reflect the linguistic subtleties of text and are not prone to subjectivity. Thus it is required to engender method to find consensus eye movements.

Word Sense Disambiguation

July, 2013

Area: Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing   Technology: Java, Stanford WordNet

Disambiguated the sense of ambiguous word (word having multiple meanings) based on the context it is used. In Information Retrieval systems we need to find the correct meaning of a word in a query to retrieve relevant documents.

Eye Tracking on Images

July, 2012

Area: Machine Learning, Computer Vision   Technology: C++, Matlab

In this study, we tried to determine peculiar features in images during visualization by doing some computation on scanpath data and converting it in some meaningful form.

Summer Research Fellow

May, 2012

Area: Graph Theory   Technology: C++, Matlab

Analysis of Eye Gaze Scanpath Data: Eye Movements are now widely used to investigate cognitive processes during reading. In this study, we tried to analyze the scan path data of different users.

Face Recognition

February, 2012

Area: Machine Learning   Technology: C++, Matlab

Clicked faces of few of my batch mates and trained a model to recognize them.